2016 Mother-Of-Pearl Lacquerware Exhibition in San Francisco










“Pebbles” by Hwang Samyong


The Korea Foundation LA Office proudly supports ‘Mother-of-Pearl Lacquerware’ exhibition at the Asian Art Museum of San Francisco! The exhibition is held from April 29th through October 23rd.

This exhibition presents mid-to-late Joseon dynasty lacquerware and demonstrates the aesthetic and technical development of mother-of-pearl lacquerware through to the present day. You will be surprised to find luxurious, meticulous, and graceful ornaments that was perfected on the Korean Peninsula centuries ago.

The pebble-shaped model with mother-of-pearl strips using a ‘thin-slicing’ technique by Hwang Samyong conveys the message that a trivial thing consists an infinite energy of the universe. Other than Hwang Samyong’s “Pebbles”, many other ornaments and art works done with Mother-Of-Pearl are exhibited at the museum such as “1880-Summer-Forest-Gogh Series” by Kim Yousun. The exhibition will provide a great opportunity for people to learn deeply about beautiful and luxurious Korean traditional art and techniques.

The following videos present the delicate process of making  mother-of-pearl lacquerware, work of the pebble, and analysis & treatments of lacquerware.